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Be a Stronger Mom! How The Health Of The Mother Affects The Health Of Family

26th August 2021

Be a Stronger Mom! How The Health Of The Mother Affects The Health Of Family

Mothers form an integral part of the lives of their children and family. The baby's health is directly related to the health of the mother, even before the baby is born. Women who are expecting take care of their health when they are pregnant. Once the baby is born, all the attention goes to newborn babies. Let us admit the fact that being a mother is an exhaustive task. They have to juggle between many responsibilities irrespective of being a working or a stay-at-home mom. When it comes to taking care of kids, the list is endless - Cooking healthy food, getting them ready for school, doing extracurricular activities, looking after their overall development, assisting them in school projects.

Mothers across the world are conditioned to put the needs of children and family ahead of their own, and often neglect their own health. Motherhood is a 24/7 job, and it is easy to stop caring for yourself from being overwhelmed​. But, when the mothers stop caring for themselves, the ability to manage the child or family is impacted. It is good, occasionally, to put yourself first before family.

Mothers tend to ignore their health and fitness routine, skip healthy meals, and this leads to overall health issues. It is a typical scene at home for mothers to procrastinate visiting the doctor or taking medications. The apparent neglect often harms the body and may make the disease even more severe and difficult to treat. While juggling between the various responsibilities of motherhood, work-life and social commitments, a mother's health often takes a backseat and manifests as a host of different medical conditions.

Hacks for being Stronger Mom

Stay organized and plan: Once the daily work is organized, the anxiety will be at bay, and mothers get more time to concentrate on themselves. Planning is crucial when there are countless things to attend to.

Make a to-do list: Knowing the task at hand is the best way to finish the work. Making a daily to-do list makes sure that you are on top of work without forgetting the important task at hand. Keep a small piece of paper in the fridge for daily tasks.

Eat a healthy diet: This is an important factor contributing to the health of mothers. Mothers spend more time cooking the food for the family, rather than eating it. Avoid eating leftover foods from children's plates. Eat a healthy and nutritious diet.

Make time to exercise: Going for a walk or to the gym is not only good for the health of mothers, but also sets an example for kids to stay healthy. The children will also develop the habit of staying healthy right from childhood.

Take care of mental health: Daily multitasking can take a toll on mothers' peace and mental health, leaving them anxious at times. Connect with your inner self to keep the anxiety at bay.

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