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Anti-ageing Miracles From Your Pantry

15th June 2021

Anti-ageing Miracles From Your Pantry

Aging is a natural part of growing. But let’s admit it but given a chance we all want to slow down natural ageing and give our skins a fighting chance.While shelves full of creams offer glowing skin, -anti-wrinkle and anti-aging benefits, it’s time we looked at the humble pantry for an boost of youthful glow. Yes, there are foods rich in antioxidants that can help bring that young and fresh glow to your skin while adding to your overall health. The food that we eat has a significant influence on our skin and body. Consistently eating a healthy and balanced diet can provide you with the nutrients needed to defy time.

Follow these tips for younger-looking skin:
  1. Get Hydrated: Before we dive into food, the first thing to remember is adequate water intake every day. If you are not drinking enough water, your skin will be dehydrated. Improper water intake leads to dry skin, acidity, loss of energy, indigestion, and constipation.
  2. Avoid Junk food: By definition, junk food is low on nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and fibre and high in sugar, salt, and saturated fat. For a fit body and fresh, clean skin you should avoid junk food.
  3. Avoid foods high in salt and sugar: Sodium in food retains water in the body, affects the under-eye skin, and speeds up wrinkle formation. When you take more sugar in food, it increases inflammation and decreases the skin’s elasticity.
  4. Serve up fresh fruits and vegetables: Preferably consume fruits and vegetables in their natural form, i.e., raw or with minimum processing, to keep the nutrients intact. Have them in the form of fresh, unfiltered juice or salad or just as a snack. They helpclean your blood, deliver skin-boosting micronutrientsand enhance collagen production.
  5. Select anti-aging foods: For age-less skin, foods that are rich in antioxidants should become a part of your daily routine. Include rainbow-colored vegetables and fruits in your daily diet. The more color you add to your plate, the better your skin will look.
  6. Get your Protein fix: Skin is made up of collagen–an insoluble, fibrous protein. The suppleness and repair of your skin depends on getting adequate protein intake. You can ensure adequate quantities of protein through various sources such as pulses, legumes, milk and milk products, egg and poultry.
  7. Avoidsmoking and alcohol: Along with eating healthy food you also have to let go of habits that damage the health of your skin. Smoking is known to cause poor circulation, wrinkling and loss of elasticity. Excessive or daily alcohol consumption dehydrates the skin and will cause your wrinkles and pores to be more visible.

The key to ageless skin is being disciplined about food habits and lifestyle. Follow a disciplined and health-focused lifestyle that offers a variety of nutrition, rest and reasons for joy. Start small, and gradually allow your skin-friendly lifestyle to become a habit. These little habit cost nothing but will deliver your million dollar smile.

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