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Immunity For Kids

Lifestyle Hacks To Boost Your Child’s Immunity

13th February 2021

Lifestyle Hacks To Boost Your Child’s Immunity

Today the buzzword is immunity. Shaken up from taking our body’s defenses for granted, we are all suddenly paying special attention to the idea of immunity. Special concoctions, fruits and veg are playing a starring role in our culinary lives and children are being cajoled and tempted to eat foods that will protect their fragile immune systems. But what is immunity ? And in defining immunity we will discover that it’s not just the foods we eat, but also the lifestyles we live that can impact our immune systems.

What is immunity:

Immunity can be defined as a complex biological system endowed with the capacity to recognize and tolerate whatever belongs to the self, and to recognize and reject what is foreign (non-self). Our body has created an arsenal of weapons to help defend the fortress of our health. Hair and mucus trap foreign particles before they can even enter our bodies in our noses, ears and throat. Internally, our white blood cells fight off invaders. Vaccination and natural immunity, such as the immunity you get from having had chicken pox once, are another way of acquiring immunity. Our bodies develop antigens to fight off a particular infection once we are exposed to it. In fact, sneezing, a runny nose and watering eyes and even a fever, are symptoms of our bodies trying to expel or fight organisms or substances it believes will harm it.

What is the point of defining immunity? It helps us see our bodies in a new light and we can make the lifestyle changes that help our children’s bodies fend for themselves. Here are some simple lifestyle hacks that you can teach your little ones and have them ready to rock and roll.

Sleep tight and don’t let the bugs bite:

With no commute to school and disturbed work cycles, bedtimes have gone for a toss. Kids are staying up watching cartoons that further disrupt their sleep cycles. When your body doesn’t get enough rest, it produces lesser infection-fighting antibodies. So, shut away the screens and get the kiddies to bed at 8 every night for an easy immunity boost.

Water ahoy:

Up to 60% of that tiny precious little body is water. No wonder it needs to stay hydrated to function well, including eliminating toxins. Keep water in attractive see-through bottles at easy access for your little ones and build a habit of drinking up every hour or so.

Run, run, run:

With kids trapped indoors and deprived of peer movement, children’s natural ability to exercise has been seriously curtailed. But exercise is a natural immunity booster. Step out for a cycle ride or do little runs in a corridor. Build a living room obstacle course or include them in your morning yoga. Keep them active to keep their immune systems fighting fit.

Eat the Rainbow:

We all know that a wider variety of foods helps us get better nutrition. A simple and fun, kid-friendly hack is eating the rainbow. Telling kids to ensure that there are three or more colors on their plate will help go some of the way to their daily requirement of immunity-boosting vitamins and minerals.

Ha-ha to healthy:

Laughter is a unique and simple way to boost your little one’s immunity. Get the tickle-monster and silly faces out every day for an effortless immunity boost for you and your child. Laughter reduces stress, releases endorphins and improves overall mental and physical health.

We hope you will try some of these fun and effortless immunity boosts for your little ones and discover many more happy ways to be healthy.

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