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Healthy Options For Your Kid's Breakfast

01th April 2021

Healthy Options For Your Kid's Breakfast

For working parents, the mornings are often a race against the clock. For children and parents with hectic schedules, finding the time to sit for a proper breakfast can often be difficult. Sometimes this rush results in skipping breakfast. Next thing you know your stomach is growling and your mind is unable to focus. Stocking healthy and well formulated ready-to-eat cereals or similar options that kids will eat can protect this vital meal in the morning.

A nutritious breakfast paves the way for the child's development and helps them be happy and healthy throughout the day. Children who eat breakfast are less likely to indulge in eating junk food with low nutritional value. A healthy start often starts with the first meal of the day.

Smart tips to choose a health breakfast:

  1. The right combination: Research shows that kids who eat breakfast have higher academic achievements than those who do not eat their breakfast daily. Breakfast should be a combination of complex carbohydrates from whole wheat, Dalia or oats, lean proteins, and healthy fats with some vitamins and minerals in the form of fruits and vegetables. This combination gives children enough fuel for the whole morning and ensures satiety.
  2. Watch the portion size: Give children smaller portions in the beginning. Consider quality over quantity. Kids are overwhelmed with a large amount of food. Do not insist that they finish the whole plate, instead make a nutrient-dense breakfast that will include all the nutrients. For example, if your child loves to eat pancakes, use oats, eggs, and bananas and top them with berries and nuts.
  3. Plan ahead: While quick, packaged breakfast cereals are fast and easy, it's worth trying to plan a few extra minutes every evening and morning routines to prepare a daily quick and healthy breakfast. The best way to make breakfast is to plan and do some preparation the night before. This way, you will save time and add variety to the week's menu. Breakfast doesn't have to be complicated to be healthy.
  4. Be creative: Don't be limited with the choices of standard breakfast options. Try and make something new. Suppose your child is not in a mood to eat. Let him drink his breakfast in the form of a smoothie or shake and add some fruits, a few nuts, and milk.
Healthy breakfast ideas for your little ones 1. Pancakes - Use wheat flour and oats flour 2. Carrot & beetroot uthappam with peanut chutney 3. Onion & tomato cheela 4. Muesli with fruits, nuts & seeds 5. Oats with nuts and seeds 6. Millet porridge with dry fruits 7. Eggs - boiled, poached, scrambled or half fried 8. Fruit smoothie 9. Paneer stuffed paratha with green chutney 10. French toast with some shredded capsicum & carrot 11. Sprouts poha 12. Ragi idli with sambar 13. Veg and cheese sandwich 14. Moong dal dosa with coconut chutney 15. Methi thepla rolls 16. Soya tikki sandwich

With these dishes for instance, you have a list for the next two weeks. These healthy and nutritious recipes are a great start in setting a healthy eating routine for your young ones. Go ahead and experiment your way to a healthy start.

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